Why Join 808?

What’s in it for Me?

With families, homework, exams, jobs, and everything else the student veterans have going on, the question of “what is in it for me” is completely justified.

We understand and can relate to many of those same struggles mentioned above. Post 808 was designed by people like you, to be completely different from any other Legion Post in existence. That is why we have been recognized nationally with The  American Legion. Now it has come time to fulfill our vision and our promise to the Akron student veteran community.

Our first year of existence brought the POW/MIA chair dedications, Legion Magazine visits, WebEx meetings and a new website. We hit the ground running offering free memberships for new members so that you could see what it was we were building. Many of you took advantage and participated in events or attended our monthly meetings.

So, Why Join American Legion Post 808?

  1. Ability to spend time with fellow Student Veterans that have many of the same goals in mind that you do.
  2. Many opportunities for leadership roles within the post.
  3. The countless opportunities to utilize your degree within our organization. Examples being IT Computer Science, Public Speaking, Sales Teams, Accounting, just to name a few.
  4. Fun and exciting events like our shooting range days, CVSR Railroad Rides, Charity Events, Career Fairs, Softball games, and so much more, all with Veterans like you.
  5. We help to develop important teamwork skills that will prove beneficial in the civilian business world, on top of the military style leadership that you’ve already gained working for Uncle Sam.

We provide an opportunity for you to help give back to the Veteran community within the greater Akron area.

No, this is not the regular Legion your grandfathers used to go drinking at. This Legion is designed and created to assist you and our generation in the issues that are relevant in today’s very competitive, fast past world that we live in.

Help us help you by joining today. We have many awesome opportunities and goals in Post 808, but we need your participation to make them a reality.

Student Veterans
Your status as a veteran provides you the distinction of belonging to a group of citizens that share experiences those who never served cannot understand. As a veteran, our needs go unaddressed because the rest of our society does not understand the sacrifices we have made, and continue to make, in their name. That is why The University of Akron American Legion Post 808 exists.

By belonging to Post 808, you associate yourself with like-minded individuals who share many of the same values. You will find fellow student veterans, faculty and staff, ready and willing to assist you when able. Post 808 provides an opportunity to network with past and present veterans who have walked, or are walking, in similar shoes down an unfamiliar path. Post 808 provides the opportunity to experience the camaraderie that most veterans find lacking post-service.

Dues are $35.00, but what you receive in return proves much more valuable. Your membership provides the opportunity to have your cap and gown paid for, by the Post, upon graduation. You get what you put in, and more!

Veteran Alumni
Surely, at some point you faced many of the same challenges current student veterans are facing today. Would it not have proven beneficial to have fellow veterans, who traversed a similar path to a successful career, present to walk you through those challenges? Post 808 provides you the opportunity to share your experiences and guide our younger veterans to a successful career. You can help our veterans remain focused on course studies and show them what can be accomplished.

Veteran Staff
Your employment with the university speaks volumes towards your comittment to the success of younger minds. Post 808 provides an opportunity to use your unique experiences towards the betterment of a demographic that you understand more than most. Post 808 provides an opportunity to make a real difference in fellow veteran’s lives.

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