Message from the Commander

My Fellow Legionnaires,

I would like to welcome each of you to The University of Akron for the Fall Semester. As the new commander of the post I have a few driving goals for the rest of the 2017-2018 School Year:

  1. To create networking opportunities for our graduating veterans in order to help them get their careers set in place before they graduate.
  2. Build a relationship between our post and the University of Akron Students through community projects and partnerships between Post 808 and University organizations.
  3. We will continue to build the Post 808 Brand in order to bring a different perspective into the culture that is the American Legion.

I am very excited to see how we use our influence to better the lives of our brothers and sisters in arms.

We have a great opportunity here in Post 808. We are one of the few posts in the country that are centered around the next generation of veterans. Each of you have the opportunity to be a part of the bright future that is the American Legion; as a veteran organization we are committed to serving each of you that have sacrificed in some way, shape, or form, for our Nation. It is my personal honor to be a part of Post 808 and it is my commitment to you to serve this community to the best of my ability as your commander, while adhering to the standard of excellence that has been set by commanders before me.

  • Commander King